The Greatest Failing – Silence

One profound observation of the industrial era is the development of stoicism within the workplace and every day life.
Having grown up and been educated in my beloved Britain, the ‘stiff upper lip’ was always expected from every child that ever hit the gravel path from a speeding bicycle.

To cry out in pain is often deemed failure. The healing process requires the precise opposite. We need to let it out, we need to share our thoughts, gain strength and learn to pedal more safely.

Why not the same in our office environment? Surely those same pain, healing and recovery processes are much sought after?

Can you picture your boss coming to your for a chat about his issues? Probably not.

There lies the root of the problem of anxiety within the Legal Profession (and any other!). We need to be there for our fallen colleagues, much as a soldier takes diligent care of his wounded colleague, literally at all costs.

Take a couple of minutes to listen to a colleague each day and offer them genuine unconditional support. Help your workplace be a safe environment that practices confidentiality at all times. The effect on morale can be exceptionally rewarding to all.

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