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Short term solutions

What causes stress?

Stress is a mental event caused by thoughts that arise in response to external pressure.  For example, if you hear of massive layoffs at your company, you may feel stressed—nothing has actually happened….

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Immediate Stress Relief

Think of your mind as a vast network of thousands of TV channels. Your thoughts correspond to these channels—except you don’t have a remote control to change them.  While the channels do change……

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Long term solutions

Awareness is key

In the previous pages, we examined stress and its underlying causes.  We also reviewed remedies that can bring short-term relief in periods of high stress and anxiety. In this section, we will consider…..

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Beliefs VS Reality

You likely believe that you would benefit from:
A balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables,
Regular exercise …

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The parable of the cave

In The Symposium, Plato has Socrates posit an allegory in a dialogue with Glaucon:
Imagine a cave in which men from birth are tied to rocks, separated from each other by large partitions, and in a manner…

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Benefits of Meditation

Scientific research has shown that a consistent meditation practice provides both physiological and psychological benefits. Meditation can help safeguard the cardiovascular system, particularly ….

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Other articles

Lockdown your thinking instead

It all happened very fast. First came the email announcement in early March that my boys’ school was closing and that they would be “distance learning,” a term I didn’t know. And that would happen on “Zoom” ….

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My hope for these pages is to be a modern-day Academy, much like Plato’s Academy, in order to reduce stress and anxiety in our individual lives and perhaps even help mankind reverse course from its current ego-driven and lethal trajectory.   

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