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The legal profession has been exceptionally good to me over the years, but I’m very aware of the toll it has taken from time to time.  Only through intense suffering did I finally come to the realization that the pressure always came from within.  Once I recognized this, I began to approach my career and my life differently and was able to seek out the tools I needed to begin to address the chronic stress and anxiety that had plagued me for decades. 

In Plato’s parable of the cave (Allegory of The Cave), Socrates says that it is not enough to have seen the sunlight; for true enlightenment those who have left the cave must go back and bring that knowledge to their fellow men and women in the cave.  I do not pretend to be anywhere close to enlightenment but at least I have ventured out of the cave and have realized that the life therein—the trappings of the human ego—are shadows or illusions.  I would like to follow Socrates’ advice and bring this knowledge to my fellow lawyers.

It is a particularly urgent time in human history.  For the first time mankind has the technology and weapons to wipe itself out and is on the path of extinction through climate induced global warming.  The only way we can hope to avoid this is through an awakening.  The process of addressing stress and anxiety leads to an awakening — seeing the sunlight so to speak.  This awakeing resolves the flaw that is at the heart of the human condition—a flaw that served humanity well thousands of years ago by allowing it to survive and get to the top of the foodchain but which is now causing it to hurtle towards extinction.

My hope for these pages is to be a modern day Academy, a place where we can share practical and experiential knowledge, for free, much like Plato’s Academy, in order to reduce stress and anxiety in our individual lives and perhaps even help mankind reverse course from its current ego-driven and lethal trajectory.   

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Alex Montagu – CEO – Montagu Law, Intellectual Property Law


If you love history, culture and a healthy amount of Buddhist teaching, this was my very first Novel.

Embracing many facets of my life experiences ‘The Riddle Of The Sphinx’ was indeed a formative element my deepening appreciation for the many incredible teachings that the world benefits from to this day.

Amazon – The Riddle Of The Sphinx
Alex Montagu

What inspired you to write the book?

About six years ago, I started to learn about Buddhism and its teachings on meditation, mindfulness, wisdom and compassion. As I deepened my studies as well as my sitting practice, it began to occur to me that there was a whole dimension of my life that I had been completely unaware of until that point. Carl Jung said “Who looks out dreams; who looks in inside awakes”. I started to look inside and wake up—which for me has been a very gradual process. But then I realized that these teachings– that insight and wisdom come from looking in rather than grasping and groping outside—are not just part of Eastern philosophy. They have been written about in Western literature, beginning with the Greeks and all the way up to modern times with writers such as Marcel Proust, who I studied a great deal as a Comparative Literature major at Princeton. How could I have missed this for half my life? So I went back to these works that I loved and I read them as if with new eyes and this inspired me to write this novel.

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My hope for these pages is to be a modern-day Academy, much like Plato’s Academy, in order to reduce stress and anxiety in our individual lives and perhaps even help mankind reverse course from its current ego-driven and lethal trajectory.   

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