Intentions and Motivation Fuel Our Journey

Your intentions and motivations tell you who you are.  For most of us, we don’t have sufficient awareness to know what our intentions and motivations are.  We are like automatons, moving through our day and through life, mindlessly repeating daily habits.  Ask yourself, what motivates me?  Is it money and financial success?  Sexual adventures and conquests?  Is it drink and drugs?  JunkContinue reading “Intentions and Motivation Fuel Our Journey”

A Mistake, the Torment, the Recovery – A Very Personal Experience

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” – Leo Tolstoy The legal profession has earned the dubious title as the unhappiest one.  Why is that and is there a solution to it?  I’ve been practicing law for some thirty years now and have had my share of troubles—difficult clients, treacherous colleagus, abusive judges, nastyContinue reading “A Mistake, the Torment, the Recovery – A Very Personal Experience”

Understand Stress & Taking Control

Stress and the Nutshell Stress is a mental event. It is caused by thoughts  that arise in response to an external event.  For example, if you hear that there are massive layoffs at your company, you may feel stress—nothing has actually happened but the thought of being laid off is what causes the stress.   Survival & Stress StressContinue reading “Understand Stress & Taking Control”

Help A Lawyer Today in Just 5 Minutes!

Despite centuries of well established research, often by the greatest philosophers, psychologists and psychologists, humans only seem to be making things worse in their workplaces. Your own law office is indeed a likely incubator of its fair share of this debilitating process. There’s hope! You! Read on! When those impossible deadlines crowd out your positiveContinue reading “Help A Lawyer Today in Just 5 Minutes!”